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We tend to walk along our shopping streets without ever noticing what is there or the stunning architecture that exists in our High Streets. The conservation of many of these structures has been sadly overlooked in many towns, the rarity and significance of these buildings not recognised.

Although we may think that Scotland’s High Streets are homogenous and dominated by chain stores, a closer look indicates the vast number interesting shops which do survive. Sometimes the features are hidden by modern signage or blinds but unpicking these can often reveal fascinating architectural features.

Shops make a vital contribution to the vitality of a town and their aesthetic value in the townscape cannot be underestimated. Well-cared for shops which respect the surrounding architecture make attractive places for visitors and locals alike.

We may think of historic shops as being Victorian or Georgian but many 20th century shops are also of considerable interest. Using materials like bronze and chrome and specialist glazing, these shops are now becoming rarer than their earlier 19th century counterparts. Consideration therefore needs to be given to the conservation of shops of all periods, including good examples of post-war retail architecture.

This also applies to shop interiors where there are traditional fittings or perhaps tiling.

Sensitive repairs being carried out

Sensitive repairs carried out on one of Scotland’s oldest shops, South Street Perth. Rotten timber was carefully removed taking away the minimal amount of original fabric. New timber work was carefully matched in. Work was funded by Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust.